Steffen Morrison

28-01 New on our Dox Live roster: Steffen Morrison

We are honored to announce that we’ve added a new artist to our Dox Live bookings roster: Steffen Morrison.

Much has been written about soul music and its atypical voices…

And it is performers such as songwriter and prime vocalist Steffen Morrison that keep the “old sounds” alive with a delightful new twist that will seduce music connoisseurs and younger audiences alike.

His voice features a vibrato and warm rawness that carries on the legacy of artists such as Otis Redding, Seal or John Legend.

We are willing to bet that through his immense talent, musical intuition, stylish appearance, his gleaming smile and amazing approachability Steffen will make it to the crowning point he has set his sights on. Soul music is proudly represented by Morrison and it’s talents like him who remind us what music is really all about…


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