10-08 Dox Classics release: Benny… At Home Benny Sings
07-07 Dox Live launches website and presents expanded roster Dox Records
29-06 BRUUT! on tour in Spain again BRUUT!
09-06 International ‘The Things You Love Tour’ with Matt Bianco New Cool Collective
18-05 Edison Jazz nomination + get a free gift Benjamin Herman
06-05 Single and video ‘Do It All Again’ out now Steffen Morrison
25-03 New single release: Satisfaction Guaranteed (Sven van Zweden) Sven van Zweden
12-02 Sarah-Jane’s new single ‘One Of A Kind’ is out now Sarah-Jane
Pink Oculus
Jennah Bell
Steye & The Bizonkid
Wouter Hamel
Hadewych Minis
Miguel Rodríguez
Roos Jonker
We'll Make It Right
Gideon van Gelder
Heidi Happy
School of Architecture